Inbound student mobility: how to choose courses

How to choose courses

The singlular courses are intended for nominated exchange students, placement/traineeship students and students who are going to do project work/internships or write their master's thesis at UiT. You may choose courses across faculties, but please note:

  • you must fulfill the prerequisites for each course

  • you can select courses in one city

  • you can choose courses at different faculties/instituties, but make sure that they are all taught in one city.

  • You are not guaranteed entry to the courses you select. It is the faculty/institute that have the final say in whether you get admission to a course.

You must have a good command of English, B1 or B2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). NB! Certificate for English proficiency is not required.

The courses that you are going to add to your Learning Agreement must be pre-approved by your university. Please contact your home university if you are not sure about the courses you should take at UiT

Courses for the autumn semester will be published on 15 March 2021

You must have an advanced level of Norwegian proficiency to apply for Norwegian-taught courses.

Advice at the faculties
Course codes & exchange coordinators at the faculties:

To contact the correct faculy coordinator for questions about the course requirements, please read the information below. Each course has a code unit (e.g. GEO-3104). The letters in the code are an abbreviation of the name of the course and the faculty these courses belong to in case you have questions about the course requirements:

The first numbers in the code & academic level:

The numbers correspond to the academic level of the course:

  • 0000 - 1000: first and second year at bachelor's level (EQF 6 First Cycle), 2000: usually third year at bachelor's level (EQF 6, First Cycle),

  • 3000: courses at the master's level (EQF 7, Second Cycle),

  • 6000: continuing/further education (flexible & professional courses usually delivered as intensive seminars), 

  • 8000: : courses for PhD education (EQF 8, Third Cycle).

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