UiT in Tromsø   
Campus Tromsø is the administrative centre of the university. Tromsø is a modern research city, with a multicultural population and is a traditional gateway to the Arctic. Since the Arctic Council established its permanent secretariat in Tromsø in 2012, the city has gained increased international attention and is becoming a meeting place for Arctic decision makers.
UiT in Alta   
Campus Alta is growing in student numbers and the study portfolio is expanding. These programmes have well established international cooperation with partner institutions in Europe, the Barents Region and the High North in general. Alta, which is 300 km east of Tromsø, is the largest town in Finnmark County.
UiT in Hammerfest   
Hammerfest is known as “the oil town” in Finnmark. Natural gas from the Snøhvit gas field is processed nearby. As a consequence, the town is undergoing rapid development, which provides many opportunities. The Arctic Cultural Centre in downtown Hammerfest hosts a wide variety of activities and performances.
UiT in Harstad   
Harstad is located on Norway’s largest island, Hinnøya. The city is a beautiful coastal city with picturesque surroundings. Harstad has a colourful history and is best known today for hosting the annual Arctic Arts Festival.
UiT in Kirkenes   
Kirkenes is regarded as the capital of the Barents region. From downtown Kirkenes, it is only a 20-minute drive to the Russian border and a three-hour journey to the city of Murmansk, which has a population of 350,000. Kirkenes is also just a few hours from the Finnish mountains and alpine landscape. Kirkenes has a vibrant cultural scene, including the annual Barents Spektakel festival.
UiT in Narvik   
Located at the foot of the mountain Fagernesfjellet, Narvik has established itself as a unique and attractive technological focal point for bright minds, successful companies and active students. Narvik and its majestic surroundings can tempt with outstanding skiing conditions.
UiT in Bodø   
With more than 50 000 inhabitants, Bodø is the main city of Nordland county. It is experiencing rapid growth, partly driven by a vibrant IT industry in constant need of more employees. As an arctic city, it is surrounded by a spectacular nature which suits academics and students in love with hiking and wild life activities.
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