International admissions: How to apply

How to apply UiT


The following steps are for international applicants with basic education from outside the Nordic countries (Danemark, Finland,Iceland, Norway and Sweden). Nordic applicants and Residents in Norway have different application processes and deadlines, please see STEP 1 before applying for admission to UiT.

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International Applicants:

As a rule, you can apply as an International Applicant if your basic education (upper/junior secondary & primary school) is from outisde the Nordic countries (Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Denmark) and DO NOT have advanced proficiency in Norwegian language.

Please use English to communicate with the International Office:


  • International Admissions start: 1 October
  • Deadline (all programmes): 1 December
  • Deadline (Master in Contemporary Art):: 1 March

Nordic nationals and Residents in Norway:

Nordic applicants: Please apply as a Local Applicant if your basic education (upper/junior secondary & primary school) is from your home country or one of the Nordic countries.
Foreign applicants residing in Norway: Please apply as a Local Applicant have advanced proficiency in Norwegian language. This category includes all foreign applicants residing in Norway on work visa, Protection (Refugee Status), Permanent Residency and Marriage/Family visa.
International applicants with Study Permit in Norway: Please apply as an International Applicant if you DO NOT have advanced proficiency in Norwegian language.
Norwegian citizens: Please apply as a International Applicant if you DO NOT advanced proficiency in Norwegian language and with basic education from outisde the Nordic countries.

Please use Norwegian, Danish or Swedish to communicate with the Admission Office (Opptakskontor):

Telephone: +47 77645590


  • Local/Nordic Admissions (Programmes taught in English & Norwegian) start: 2 January
  • Deadline (all programmes): see the Study Catalogue


Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for your programme of choice.

You should read carefully the eligibility criteria (admission requirements), course structure, learning outcomes, job prospectives and other specifics of the programme. For more information about the programme of your choice, please contact the programme coordinator in the Study Catalogue, see the link below:


Make sure you meet the formal admission requirements (Basic Education, Proof of English Proficiency, Proof of Financial Ability and/or Average Grade):

The online application for international programmes opens early October and closes on December 1 (all programmes) and March 15 (Master's in Contemporar Art).

There are no tuition and application fees. Please make sure to read all the previous and following steps before applying for admissions.


UiT does not have any operating agreements with private agencies or people providing application/admission assistance. We strongly recommend that you upload your documents yourself, use your own e-mail address when registering your application and correspond directly with us with respect to your application.

The International Office coordinates the application process for international applicants and assesses whether you fulfil the formal general admission requirements (STEP 2). The outcome of your application is decided by the faculty offering the programme for which you have applied.

Admission to international programmes is highly competitive.

The faculties base their decision on a composite of:

  • Formal admission requirements (average grade & English proficiency) (See STEP 3)
  • Specific academic requirements for the programme (See STEP 2)
  • Proposed research statements
  • strength of Motivational letter
  • Interview (if applicable)
  • Availability of places of study
  • Checking the status of your application

    You can log into your application profile via the Application Web (Søknadsweb). Make sure to remember your login e-mail (username) and your password. The application should be made by you, and not by a private agent. Documents uploaded after the deadline 1 December are not accepted.

  • Application period

    The application period is from 1 October to 1 December. All required documents must be uploaded within this period.

  • Confirmation of receipt of application

    Use your e-mail (username) and password to log into your account on the Application Web (Søknadsweb). It is your responsibility to make sure that all required documents are uploaded correctly.

    NB! Please note that we do not have the capacity to confirm receipt of your application until they have been registered. We will not reply to e-mails regarding the receipt of the applications in this period.

  • Notification of admission

    The International Office emails you the "Notification of Admission", Offer of Admission and Letter for Visa Purposes (non-EU applicants). This will happen by April/May at the latest.

    Refusal Letters will be emailed by the faculty at the end of May.

  • Acceptance of the offer of admission

    Use your e-mail (username) and password to log into your account on the Application Web (Søknadsweb) and accept your offer of admission within the specified deadline in your notification of admission.

    You must as well accept the Conditions of Admission.

  • Applying for student housing

    You should apply for student housing as soon as you have received an offer of admission and before the deadline of 1 June. Student housing will be reserved upon request only. Visa-seeking students will be guaranteed housing to apply for Student Visa to enter Norway.

  • Student Deposit Account

    Non-EU/EEA students must transfer their proof of financial ability into the Student Deposit account.

    Once the deposit is received, a Confirmation of Deposit will be issued to apply for Student Visa (Study Permit).

  • Student Visa (Student Permit).

    Non-EU/EEA students must apply for student visa to enter Norway for studies. The following documents are required to apply for student visa: Offer of Admission, Letter for Visa Purposes (housing guarantee) and Confirmation of Deposit

    Foreign students residing in Norway: You just need to print out a your financial statement from your local Norwegian bank as proof of financial ability to apply for the renewal of your student residence. If you have already obtained another degree in Norway, you will be asked to write a personal statement to explain why you want to take another degree programme in Norway.

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