Inbound student mobility: how to access the online Application Web (Søknadsweb)

How to access the online Application Web (Søknadsweb):

      • SØKNADSWEB: Log in to create your profil on Søknadsweb:

        1- Log in as INTERNATIONAL APPLICANT to the Søknadsweb:

        2- Choose UiT The Arctic University of Norway as your institution.

        3- Username: your username is your email address (please ask your nominator at your home university if you are not sure about your email). NB Make sure to use lower case when you type in your email address.

        4- Password: to log in the first time you must request a password. Click on Send me a new password and enter your email address. Check your inbox or spam folder to find your password.

      • MY PROFILE: Log in to create your profil on Søknadsweb:

        1- ADDRESS: In these fields you must enter your correct postal address in your home country. Please ensure you enter:

        • Adress Line 1: Street name and house number.

        • Adress Line 2: optional.

        • Postal code/zip code and city name.

        • Country.

        • Mobile number: country code and mobile number

        2- Email adress: important information about admission and practical matetrs will be sent by email to you. It is your responsibility that you read your emails frequently until you receive your offer of admission.

        3- Language: Select English language in the top menu.

        4- Entrance requirements: ignore this message as it is meant for other student categories.

        Click on the green button "SAVE / NEXT" to continue. You will then be directed to the application page.


        1- Choose application alternative: application alternative means simply the duration of your exchange (one semester or two semesters) and your campus at UiT. If you are unsure about it, please contact your exchange coordinator at your home university or check your Learning Agreement.

        Please contact your home university if you are not sure about the duration of your exchange or campus at UiT

        2- Extra information " this is optional.

        Click on the green button "NEXT" to "UPLOADING DOCUMENTS".


        1- Choose new document: Please choose ONLY the following categories: (1) final Transcript of Record or Diploma (please make sure that you include the courses you are taking during the current semester with or without final grades), (2) International Passport or ID Card (EU), (3) Diploma Supplement (explanation of the grading system) and (4) Learning Agreement.

        Institution:  your home university.

        Start: start of your education at your home university.

        End: end of your education at your home university.

        Description: type of your transcript or diploma. For example: bachelor, master, etc..

        Choose file and click on "upload" to start uploading the document

        Click on the green button "NEXT" to "RECEIPT".

        Click on the green button "DONE" to submit your application.

        Confirmation of Receipt: our application system is based on self-service, which means it is your responsibility to make sure that all required documents are uploaded correctly. Use your e-mail (username) and password to log into your account on the Application Web (Søknadsweb). We do not have the capacity to confirm receipt of your application until they have been completely assessed. We will not reply to e-mails regarding the receipt of the applications in this period.


        You can upload more documents by clicking on "My documents" on the online Application Web (Søknadsweb)

        For desktop computer users, the botton "My Documents" is at the top of the webpage. For tablet and mobile users, the botton "My Documents" is under the menu sign at the top left-hand side of the webpage.

        How to check your application status on Søknadsweb?

        Click on the menu "My Applications" (in the Application Web - Søknadsweb): to check the status and receipt of your nomination/application.

      • Criteria for a successful application:

        All supporting documents must be uploaded by the specified deadlines: 1. October (spring semester) and 15 April (autumn semester). All documents (including official translations) must be in English or in Scandinavian languages (Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. Any incomplete applications or applications containing documents in other languages will not be considered. Please read the requirements for a successful application.

      • Your application status:

        You can keep track of each of your documents by logging into the Application Web (Søknadsweb). Please read the Admission process for inbound student exchange

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