Inbound student mobility: admission process

You have finished your application, what's next?

You can change your application until the deadlines 1 OCT (spring semester) or 30 APR (autumn semester). The status of your application will be "Under consideration" on the Application Web (Søknadsweb) until we have finished the processing.

Admission process for inbound student exchange: an overview

- 1 OCT (Spring intake)
- 30 APR (Autumn intake)

Application period: all required documentation must be uploaded within these deadlines. You can only change your application and upload new documents until the these deadlines, 23:59 O'clock local Norwegian time.

There is no application fee.

There is no submit button.

Confirmation of Receipt: Our online application system is based on self-service, which means it is your responsibility to make sure that all required documents are uploaded correctly. Use your e-mail (username) and password to log into your account on the Application Web (Søknadsweb). We do not have the capacity to confirm receipt of your application until they have been registered. We will not reply to e-mails regarding the receipt of the applications in this period.

Please use the same email used by your mobility officer at home university to nominate you or to communicate with us via . If you do not know the email used to nominate you, please contact your mobility officer.

Formal evaluation (eligibility requirements)

The International Cooperation section will check whether your application for exchange is complete, in conformity with the formal eligibility requirements, relevant documents and whether your nomination is linked to a valid exchange agreement within your field of study between UiT and your home university.

Evaluation & assessment at the faculty

The outcome of your application is decided by the faculty offering the programme for which you have applied. The faculties base their decisions regarding admission on:

  • Eligibility/admission requirements for the course
  • Your academic performance
  • Whether your application is complete
  • Complete exchange forms
  • Complete Learning Agreement
  • Availability of places of study
Offer of admission
Offer of admission: The International Office emails you the "Notification of Admission". Applicants who are offered admission to UiT will have the result of their application and Offer of Admission (official letter) published on the Application Web (Søknadsweb). Use your e-mail (username) and password to log into your account on the Application Web (Søknadsweb) to download the letter(s).

NB Visa-seeking students: You will also receive a "Letter for Visa Purposes and Housing Guarantee" together with your letter of admission so that you can fulfill the requirements for student visa (Study Permit) for citizens from outside the EU/EFTA area

How to accept or decline
your offer of admission

Use your e-mail (username) and password to log into your account on the Application Web (Søknadsweb) and accept your offer of admission within the deadline.

The deadline for accepting or declining your offer of admission is specified in the "Notification of admission" sent to you by email

Rejections You will receive an email from the exchange coordinator from the faculty to inform you about the courses in your Learning Agreement that you are not eligible to take.

Apply for student housing

Student housing (only nominated students): Apply for student housing as soon as you have received an e-mail from UiT about your nomination.

Only visa-seeking students from outside EU/EFTA: you are guaranteed housing as long as you have applied for housing after the nomination. You will also receive a letter, together with your offer admission, indicating that you are guaranteed housing to appy for student visa (Study Permit) to enter Norway for exchange studies.

Student visa
(only visa-seeking students)

Student visa (only admitted students):  Apply for Study Permit as soon as you have received your offer of admission to enter Norway for studies.
Student deposit
(Optional for visa-seeking students)

Visa-seeking students with scholarships: your university can deposit your stipend into the Student Deposit account. Once the deposit is received, a Confirmation of Deposit will be issued to attach it to your visa application to apply for Student Visa (Study Permit). Only visa-seeking students will be guaranteed housing in the priority housing list to fulfill the requirements for Study Permit to enter Norway for exchange studies.

Self-funded visa-seeking students: we highly recommend that you deposit your fund in the Student Deposit Account as this will make your visa application go faster and smoother.

For exchange students with scholarships: you will receive a letter for visa purposes and requirements for subsistence funds as a supporting document to apply for student visa (Study Permit)

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