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Petter Holm

Teaching and research in resource management and fisheries j

Jorge Santos

Research in ecology and fisheries

Coordinator, M.Sc. programme in International Fishery Management (IFM)

Contact lecturer for the biological sciences, IFM

Project coordinator


Roger B. Larsen

Lecturing and responsible for the fishries techology section of the course FSK-2020 Sustainable fisheries (given in Norwegian), giving 50% of the lectures on the course BIO-3556 Fisheris biology and harvest technology (and responsible for the course MTE-3001 Fishing vessel technology (p.t. on hold)). Co-ordinator of FSK-2020 during 2019 and 2020..

Leader of CRI Dsolve - Biodegradable plastics - Centre for the development of biodegradable plastic for marine applications - innovate fisheries and aquaculture.



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