Music performance - master

Musikkutøving - master

Duration: 2 years

Photo: Marius Fiskum
Photo: Marius Fiskum

Music performance - master

Musikkutøving - master

Duration: 2 År

Application deadline
<p>Nordic applicants: 15th December, EU/EEA + Swiss applicants: 15th December, Non-EU/EEA applicants: 15th November</p><p> </p><p></p>
How to apply?

Studiet Musikkutøving - master retter seg mot studenter innen et bredt utvalg av instrumenter og sjangere innen klassisk, rytmisk og elektronisk musikk. Den faglige bredden i studieprogrammet gir mulighet for stor grad av dialog og faglig utveksling på tvers av sjangere og uttrykk.

Som student får du mulighet til å videreutvikle dine instrumentale og musikalsk ferdigheter, din kunstneriske profil og å styrke evnen til kunstnerisk refleksjon og selvstendighet. Du får mulighet til å fordype deg i ett eller flere selvvalgte temaer knyttet til ditt eget virke som musiker. Erfaring i å utøve musikk på̊ høyt nivå̊, kombinert med refleksjon over ditt eget kunstnervirke, gir deg økt bevissthet om prosesser og arbeidsmetoder som kjennetegner kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid.

Her finner du norsk beskrivelse av Musikkutøving - master


The study programme Master in Music Performance offers students a broad choice of instruments and genres within classical, popular, and electronic music. This breadth in the programme means it is possible for students to engage in dialogue and professional growth across genres and musical expression.

Students on the programme develop their instrumental and musical competencies, and their artistic profile, and strengthen their abilities in artistic reflection and independence. You will have the chance to deepen your knowledge in one or several topics of your choice related to your own musical and artistic profile. The experience you will gain from performing music at a high level, combined with reflection over your artistic work, will give you an increased awareness of the processes and working methods that make up artistic research.

Questions about the study

Geir Davidsen.jpg
Geir Davidsen


  • Telephone: +4777660536
  • Mobile: 918 18 633
  • Campus: Tromsø

Rita Lillevik


  • Telephone: +4777660540
  • Campus: Tromsø

The programme's aim is to develop students' performance abilities and artistic profile, and to strengthen their competences in artistic reflection and independence. Through their own master's project, students will develop their knowledge in one or more areas of their choice through their own role as a performer.

Through experience of high-level music performance and reflection over their role as a performer students will develop a deeper awareness of the processes and methods that are typical of artistic research.

Instruction in artistic research theories and methodologies will strengthen students' aesthetic reflections.

The faculty and staff at the Academy of Music are engaged and internationally active musicians, researchers, and pedagogues. Students are at the centre of our work, and your will have access to the faculty’s wide range of specialisations in genre and performance practices. In the second year of the programme there are funds available for travel and lessons with external colleagues who are relevant for your project.

The programme is full time and takes place in Tromsø.

After completing the programme the student will have the following competences:


  • ability to analyse and discuss their artistic intentions in relation to music historical, traditional, stylistic, aesthetic, cultural, and societal concerns
  • ability to evaluate, realise, and convey their artistic intentions with a clear profile
  • ability to display independence in relation to high-level artistic challenges by initiating, carrying out, and leading different projects
  • ability to apply their acquired knowledge to broaden their musical perspective and carry out independent artistic research


  • ability to create, realise, and convey their personal intentions at a high artistic level
  • make use of artistic research theories
  • ability to reflect over and defend their choices of methods and processes in their own artistic research
  • ability to plan and carry out artistic research

General competences:

  • ability to analyse and critically employ artistic research materials in their own work
  • ability to contribute to the development and innovation of musical life and the music industry
  • ability to communicate orally and in writing with the music community and in the public sphere
  • ability to identify relevant ethical problems and display a high degree of professional integrity

Through the master in music performance students will acquire competences and qualifications for work as professional performers both within artistic and cultural institutions, and as freelancers.

The programme can also form part of a study programme together with the graduate programme in teacher training (PPU) which will provide teaching competences and qualifications for employment as a music teacher in schools, community music schools, upper secondary schools, and in further and higher education institutions.


1. year:

Principal instrument, 20 ECTS

Artistic research and methods, 10 ECTS

Elective courses, 30 ECTS

2. year:

Master's project in Music performance, 60 ECTS

Bachelor degree in music performance or other equivalent qualification with at least 80 credits of performance specialisation on the applicant's main instrument, and a letter of motivation. In addition, there will be an entrance exam consisting of a performance audition and an interview including presentation of the draft for the master's project.

Non-EU students must be prepared to pay tuition fees, more information here

The programme consists of individual teaching and supervision, group work, seminars, projects, and masterclasses. Parts of the theory teaching will take place as lectures. The majority of the student's study time will be spent on practising and the development of their masters project.

Most modules are assessed as pass/fail and some as A-F.

Possible examination and assessment formats include practical exams, oral exams, home exams and portfolio assessment.

Language of instruction and examinations: English and Norwegian.

It is possible to complete the coursework requirements and exams in either English or Norwegian.

The programme meets the prerequisites for PhD programmes in artistic research.

Students can apply to undertake an exchange in the 3rd semester.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway has exchange agreements with institutions in the Nordic countries and in Europe through the Nordplus and Erasmus programmes.

Bilde av Asbjørnsen, Lars
Asbjørnsen, Lars

Professor of flute

Bilde av Lund, Jon Halvor
Lund, Jon Halvor

Jon Halvor Lund is co-principal bassoonist at the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and teaches bassoon at Barratt Due's Music Institute and at the Music Conservatory of the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. He is a member of the wind ensemble Oslo Chamber Academy and has in recent years substituted as principal bassoonist in orchestras including the Oslo Philharmonic, Stavanger Symphony, and the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Before joining the Opera Orchestra in 2014, he served as the principal bassoonist in the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra for ten years. He also worked for two years as assistant principal bassoon in the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, and had a one-year substitute position in the Oslo Philharmonic.

Jon Halvor studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover in Germany, with Torleiv Nedberg, Eirik Birkeland, and Dag Jensen as his bassoon instructors.

Additionally, he is a co-founder and chairman of DOR - Norwegian Double Reed Society - a newly established organization for oboists and bassoonists in Norway.

Maxwell, Kate

Professor of music history, theory, and analysis


Bilde av Hoff, Jan Gunnar
Hoff, Jan Gunnar

Employed as a professor in jazz and rhythmic music at the Music Conservatory in Tromsø. Main area is jazz piano and keyboard instruments. Sits in the Program Board for MK.

Bilde 17.jpg
Sandvik, Audun André

Cello Professor

Bilde av Sommerfelt, Eyvind
Sommerfelt, Eyvind

Teaches trombone, bass trombone, chamber music, instrumental teaching, audition training and arranging/composing.

Coordinator for chamber music, classical.
Responsable for subject Arranging/Composition 1 MUS-1506
Responsable for subject Audition training, MUS-2813

Bilde av Aukner, Karen Marianne
Aukner, Karen Marianne

Assistant professor Viola 

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