Aerospace Engineering - Master (program structure valid from the academic year 2024/2025)

  10 ECTS 10 ECTS 10 ECTS
1. sem. (autumn)

STE-3800 Classical Mechanics (5 ects)

STE-3602 Embedded Systems (5 ects)

ELE-3606 Control Engineering (10 ects)

MAT-3801 Numerical Methods (5 ects)

MAT-3800 Linear Algebra II (5 ects)

2. sem. (spring)

STE-3606 Satellite Structure, Materials and Mechanisms (5 ects)

STE-3607 Satellite Data Processing (5 ects)

DTE-3608 Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents - Concepts and Algorithms (5 ects)

STE-3605 Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (5 ects)

STE-3608 Satellite Power Systems (5 ects)

TEK-3501 Innovation and Economics (5 ects)

3. sem. (autumn) STE-3900 Master Thesis STE-3609 Systems Engineering (10 ects)

STE-3610 Satellite Communication (5 ects)

TEK-3500 Innovation and Management (5 ects)

4. sem. (spring) STE-3900 Master Thesis (40 ects)