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Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

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Guest lecture: A dialogue on the experiences in the aftermath of the Canadian Truth and Reconsilliation Commision

1. juni     13:15     Digital, Tromsø, Alta    

Film as Resistance: The Politics of Cinematic Sharing in Captain Volkonogov Escaped

1. juni     16:00     TEO 6.222 (cinema room)     Tromsø    

The Land, the Crops and the People: Changing Cultural Patterns in a Transylvanian Microregion

2. juni     10:15     Room E-0105, SV-HUM building     Tromsø    

Foredrag om strukturer og relasjoner i sosiale nettverk / Lecture on the structures and relations of social networks

6. juni     12:00     Digital    

Masterkonferansen 7.juni 2023 - Grunnskolelærerutdanning 1-7 og 5-10

7. juni     09:00     Rom 1042     Alta