Complex Systems Modeling (CoSMo)

The activity is a collaboration between the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Physics and Technology. The extended group has its own homepage

Group leader: Sigrunn Sørbye

The research group is devoted to mathematical and statistical modeling of complex physical, biological and socio-economic systems:

  • climate dynamics
  • stochastic and dynamical models
  • epidemiology and ecology
  • non-linear optics and laser physics

The CoSMo group is doing research and is advising master and PhD students within all of these problem domains.

Recent publications: 

  • Sørbye, S. H., Illian, J. B., Simpson, D. P., Burslem, D. and Rue, H. Careful prior specification avoids incautious inference for log-Gaussian Cox point processes. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C, 2018. doi:10.1111/rssc.12321.
  • Sørbye, S. H.; Myrvoll-Nilsen, Eirik; Rue, Håvard. An approximate fractional Gaussian noise model with O(n) computational cost. Statistics and computing 2018. doi: 10.1007/s11222-018-9843-1.
  • Rypdal, M., Fredriksen H.-B., Myrvoll-Nilsen E., Rypdal K. and Sørbye, S. H. Emergent Scale Invariance and Climate Sensitivity, Climate 6, 93, 2018. (Link til paper
  • Rypdal, M., Rypdal V., Burney J. A., Cayan D., Bainto E., Skochko S., Tremoulet A. H., Creamean J., Shimizu C., Kim J. and Burns J. C., Clustering and climate associations of Kawasaki Disease in San Diego County suggest environmental triggers, Scientific Reports 8, 16140, 2018. (Link til paper)
  • Rypdal, M., Fredriksen, H.-B., Rypdal, K., Steene, R., Emergent constraints on climate sensitivity. Nature 563, E4 - E5, 2018. (Link to paper)
  • Devenish G., Ytterstad E., Begley A., Do L., Scott J., Intake, sources, and determinants of free sugars intake in Australian children aged 12–14 months. Matern Child Nutr e12692, 2018. (Link til paper)
  • Ytterstad E, Frailty in Survival Analysis of Widowhood Mortality, Journal of Probability and Statistics, 2018, 2378798, 2018. (Link to paper)
  • Rypdal, K., Empirical Growth Models for the Renewable Energy Sector. Advances in Geosciences 45, 35- 44, 2018. (Link to paper)
  • Rypdal, K., The Life and Death of the Recent Global Warming Hiatus Parsimoniously Explained, Climate 6, 64, 2018. (Link to paper)
  • Nilsen, T., Werner, J. P., Divine, D. V., Rypdal M., Assessing the performance of the BARCAST climate field reconstruction technique for a climate with long-range memory, Climate of the Past 14, 947-967, 2018. (Link to paper)  
  • Rypdal, V., Arnstad, E. D., Aalto, K., Berntson, L., Ekelund, M., Fasth, A., Glerup, M., Herlin, T., Nielsen S., Peltoniemi, S., Zak, M., Rygg, M., Rypdal, M., Nordal E., Predicting unfavorable long-term outcome in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Results from the Nordic cohort study, Arthritis Research & Therapy 20, 91, 2018. (Link to paper

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