Engaging Conflicts in a Digital Era (ENCODE)

Interdisciplinary Research Hub for Projects on 'New' Media Technologies, Participatory Culture, Computer Games, and Conflict.

The ENCODE-research hub aims at interconnecting and coordinating research initiatives on new media, visual culture, and computer games carried out at UiT. We hope to create synergies between various scholarly environments working on related issues and facilitate the development of funding applications by specific project groups directed at national and international bodies.

We adopt a wide definition of conflict. As such we invite critical focus not only on the role of new media, visual cultures, and computer games in the representation, execution, and commemoration of forms of direct violence, but also include projects that direct attention to structural and cultural issues with significance for the formation, negotiation, and potentially transformation of antagonisms, hostilities, and differences. The role of new network technologies in contemporary warfare, as such, falls equally within the purview of this research hub as do studies of the political economy of Facebook, or approaches to the representation and enactment of class or gender in for instance machinima, MMORPGs, film, or on social media platforms. A regular research seminar will enable continuous academic exchange on key theoretical and methodological issues, and will provide an opportunity for researchers, as well as PhD and MA students to present and receive feedback on their work. Once each semester the seminar will feature a guest lecture by an invited scholar.

The hub is coordinated by Holger Pötzsch, UiT Tromsø.

You can access the external ENCODE-website here.



Algorithmic Governance in Context

WARGAME (International research project on computer games and war), internal UiT-site can be accessed here

Between Frozen and Melted Memories (International research project on World War II in contemporary European audio-visual culture)

Transmedia Histories (PhD-cluster)


Guest lectures

Other activities