Ultrasound, Microwaves and Optics

The Optics Group focuses on both fundamental and applied research in the areas of Nanophotonics, Nanoscopy and Sensor Technology. It has a strong track record in optical waveguide technology for gas sensing, spectroscopy, optical trapping, and super-resolution imaging (optical nanoscopy). Four prestigious ERC grants awarded to the group members within the last 5 years (Jágerská, Agarwal, 2x Ahluwalia) stimulate cutting-edge, high impact research with access to modern infrastructure and leading international collaboration partners. In addition to this, the group is hosting on-going 3 RCN funded projects FRIPRO Young (Jágerská), Nano2021 (Ahluwalia), and BioTek2021 (Ahluwalia). The Optics group consists (at last count) of 4 principle investigators (Hellesø, Ahluwalia, Jágerská and Agarwal), 7 postdocs/researchers, and 10 PhDs. There are frequently openings for new PhDs and Postdocs within the group, and several opportunities for Masters projects.

Some representative research projects:

Please see the web-pages of the individual group members for publication details.