Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Biology

Current Running Projects

Research Areas


Current Running Projects (a-z):

led by Assoc. Prof. Rune Sundset

led by Assoc. Prof. Jørn Hedløy Hansen

led by Dr. Federico Soria and Dr. Yu-Fen Chang (local contact, Tromsø & Bergen)

Work Package 2.1 "Small animal radionuclide preclinical imaging in atherosclerosis"
led by Assoc. Prof. Rune Sundset and Assoc. Prof. Karl-Erik Eilertsen

Research Areas:

  • Development of novel radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostics and therapies
  • Nuclear imaging and radiation therapy
  • Personalized radiation therapy
  • Translational research 
  • Machine learning 


180N-preclinical workshop 2021

The 180N-preclinical workshop was held in Tromsø and online on 15 Feb 2021.


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Group Leader: Rune Sundset
Assoc. Prof., MD, PhD

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