NOU 2016: 8 En god alliert – Norge i Afghanistan 2001–2014

Our own Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv has participated in the panel who wrote an Official Norwegian Report (NOU) on Norway's role in Afghanistan.

The rapport is and evaluation of Norway's civilian and military engagement in Afghanistan in the period 2001-2014. For Norway, the engagement in Afghanistan was demanding and Norway found itself as a small actor in the international engagement. The Afghanistan-panel has considered the results of Norway’s efforts in light of the publicly stated three main goals: to maintain the relationship with the United States and NATO, to contribute to the international struggle against terror, and to contribute to state building and development. Among other things, the rapport examines the efforts in Faryab, peace diplomacy and the combined efforts of Special Forces and the Intelligence Agency. The report points out lessons for future efforts in international operations, primarily in vulnerable countries.

The rapport can be found in Norwegian at 

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