Oxford Handbook on the Law of the Sea

On 26 March 2015 The Oxford Handbook of the Law of the Sea has been published by Oxford University Press.

Alex Oude Elferink of JCLOS is one of the editors of the Handbook and the author of a chapter on the Indian Ocean and the Law of the Sea and, together with his co-editors Don Rothwell, Tim Stephens and Karen Scott, of the concluding chapter Charting the Future for the Law of the Sea. Erik Molenaar of JCLOS contributed the chapter Port and Coastal States

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea comprehensively defined the parameters of the law of the sea in 1982, and since the Convention was concluded it has seen considerable development.  The Handbookprovides a comprehensive and original analysis of its current debates and controversies, both theoretical and practical. Written by 39 expert contributors, the Handbook sets out how the law of the sea has developed, and the challenges it is currently facing.

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