Trial lecture and defence of thesis Kristoffer Svendsen - 4 September

Kristoffer Svendsen will defend his thesis Friday 4 September.
The trial lecture will be at 1015, the defence will be at 1215.

Venue: Teorifagbygget, building 6, auditorium 3.

The topic of his thesis is:

"Compensable damage ex delicto as a result of harm in the Barents Sea caused by petroleum spills from offshore installations. A Norwegian and Russian comparative legal analysis of conflict of laws, the concept of harm, losses suffered by third parties, and environmental damage and its valuation and calculation, caused by petroleum spills from offshore oil rigs and installations in the Barens Sea."


The topis of his trial lecture is:

"Channelling of liability pursuant to Section 7-4 of the Norwegian Petroleum Act."


More information (in Norwegian).

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