JCLOS' Fellowships for researchers within law of the sea

The K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea (JCLOS) invites scholars to apply for visiting research fellowships at JCLOS throughout the year (with an exemption for the period 1 July - 15 August).

The duration of the stay is normally 1 - 3 months. The candidate must hold a Master's degree in Law, be admitted to a research institution, and preferably be admitted to a doctoral program. 

The candidate should focus on law of the sea issues. Please visit our webpages for more information about the Centre and our Research. www.uit.no/lawofthesea

The candidate must submit an application including the following documents:

  • The diplomas of your Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree including diploma supplements.
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • A document where you describe the purpose of the visit, your research plans, and other relevant information for consideration of your application.
  • At least one letter of recommendation.

The application with the attached documents must be submitted to: christin.skjervold@uit.no

JCLOS allocates financial support to selected candidates who write on a topic of special interest for the Centre, unless the candidate already benefits from other sources of funding.

The candidate will be allocated a workspace in a shared office, with access to internet, printing, and library facilities.

The candidate will be involved in other projects at JCLOS, e.g. through participation in seminars, and will be expected to participate in the academic and social activities of the Centre.


Contact persons:

Professor Tore Henriksen, tore.henriksen@uit.no and Senior Advisor Christin Skjervold, christin.skjervold@uit.no.

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