Secrets of the Oceans: Floating Nuclear Power Plants in the Arctic

We are pleased once again to welcome all to #SecretsoftheOceans with NCLOS - Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea, UiT. Join us and learn about the use of floating nuclear power plants in the Arctic in an informal and pleasant setting!This time the title of the event is ‘Challenges associated with the use of Floating Nuclear Power Plants in the Arctic’.

This session will include presentations from Section Director Mette Nilsen and Senior Adviser Øyvind Aas-Hansen of the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Senior Legal Adviser Lill Veronika Benjaminsen from the Norwegian Coastal Administration, and Associate Professor Maria Madalena das Neves from NCLOS. These presentations will provide an explanation of floating nuclear power plants and their characteristics; the challenges and risks they pose in the context of their operation in the Arctic and of navigation through Norwegian waters; as well as an explanation of the adequacy of applicable legal framework.

These presentations are undertaken in the context of the project Arctic FNPPs funded by the FRAM Centre.


DATE: 10 OCTOBER 2019 at 19:00


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