NCLOS introduces new digital lecture series

Welcome to the lecture series «Theorizing Law of the Sea in Context”. Under this series, NLCOS intends to explore law of the sea in context, with a strong emphasis on theory and methodology, in order to contribute to enriching law of the sea scholarship and presenting multiple and novel perspectives. The series will include lectures, seminars, interviews or other ad hoc academic formats that will be either entirely digital in form, or will be digitalized, and published for on demand fruition at any time.

Upcoming lectures: 


Irus Braverman, University at Buffalo, the State University of New York

"An Interview on Oceans, Law and Geography", 27 August 2020

Elisa Morgera, University of Strathclyde

More information will come

Already held: 


Surahbi Ranganathan, University of Cambridge 

“Decolonization and International Law. Putting the Ocean on the Map”, 24 May 2020

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