The SIRAW project is hosting a virtual workshop 8. -9. December

The aim of the workshop is to discuss insights from research connected to the SIRAW project (Regulating shipping in Russian Arctic Waters: Between international law, national interests and geopolitics). The project is a collaboration between the Fridtjof Nansen Institute and the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea.

The overarching research question in the SIRAW project is how the governance of Arctic shipping is shaped by the interaction of institutions, processes, and interests on the international, domestic Russian and bilateral level. And, on how China, the dominant non-Arctic state with the potentially largest interests in operating in Arctic waters, react to Russian regulations and formulates its own policies.

The workshop will be comprised of two sessions, each lasting two hours. The participants will include researchers working in the project and a small group of invited experts. The first session will focus on China and arctic shipping. The second session will focus on implementation and further development of the International Maritime Organizations (IMO) International Code for Ships operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code).

Discussions and comments will be based on written contributions. Therefore, the presenters are encouraged to submit articles or drafts a week in advance of the workshop. The presentations (5-10 minutes) will highlight major conclusions and/or uncertainties. Prepared comments (max 10 minutes) will be followed by an open discussion between presenters, commentators and other participants.

The program for the workshop is in the attachments.

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