Jan Solski to hold presentations in Vladivostok and Hong Kong

This week Jan Jakub Solski, postdoc at NCLOS will hold a presentation for both the Vladivostok Maritime Law Forum, and the “China & the Arctic”-symposium organized by the university of Hong Kong & Nanjing University.

On Thursday he will hold the presentation “Towards a harmonized methodology for the assessment of risks and limitations of ships’ operation in the Arctic” at the I Vladivostok Maritime Law Forum, organized by the Far Eastern Federal University and MGIMO University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Read more about the conference here (in Russian)!

On Friday, he will speak on “The Polar Silk Road and the future governance of Northern Sea Route” together with Nengye Liu, associate professor at Macquarie University. Read more about the event symposium here! 

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Last updated: 21.04.2021 08:13