New PhD at NCLOS!

On August 27th Lena Schøning successfully defended her PhD-thesis.

Lena Schøning Foto: UiT

The title of her thesis is «A Critical Assessment of the Contribution of Integrated Ocean Management to Protection of the Marine Environment». 

Short summary of the thesis; 

"This dissertation asks how integrated ocean management contributes to protection of the marine environment. This is analyzed through three papers that discuss three cross-cutting themes: (1) Abstract and practical variants of integrated ocean management; (2) How to approach protection of the marine environment; (3) How to assess the contribution of integrated ocean management to protection of the marine environment. The dissertation concludes that the potential of (integrated) ocean management to contribute to protection of the marine environment is limited. Integrated ocean management primarily contributes to more restricted environmental objectives. The conclusion entails that preceding a claim that ocean management or governance contributes to protection of the marine environment should be an experimental explanation, perhaps resulting from a problem analysis, of how the ocean management mandate, instrument, or concept possibly responds to the environmental problems and approaches that protecting the marine environment demands."

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