New PhD at NCLOS - Linda Finska

On September 3 Linda  Finska succesfully defended her PhD-thesis.

Linda Finska Photo: UiT
The title of her thesis is "Confronting the Global Plastics Problem Threatening the Marine Environment – A Framework and Elements of an International Legal Response". 

Short summary of the thesis: 

At present, international law does not contain any one instrument that would have been designed to target the global plastics problem as a whole. The aim of this dissertation is to understand the science and root causes behind the problem and the role of international law and States in contributing to solutions. Unlike earlier legal research, this study approaches the global plastics problem threatening the marine environment as a continuum of three sub-problems comprising extensive plastics wastes generation, plastics leakage to the oceans, and accumulating marine plastics pollution (MPP). This approach unfolds a problem-based doctrinal and interdisciplinary assessment of international law. An international legal response to the global plastics problem arises from a mix of diverse measures coming together.

Assessment committee:

Associate Research Officer Aleke Stöfen-O’Brien, World Maritime University in Malmö, Sverige (first opponent)​

Professor David Langlet, Göteborgs universitet, Sverige (second opponent)​

Professor Tore Henriksen, UiT Norges arktiske universitet 

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