The first TREC exchange student

My name is Huang Chi Wei. I am a fourth year medical student from Taiwan. I came to Tromsø and K.G. Jebsen TREC for one month as an exchange student to get basic lab experience.

Before I started university, one of my dreams was to become a scientist and after starting medical school, I still had this dream in my mind. As a result, I have spent some of my free time in laboratories at my university working on tissue regeneration projects.

I thought it might be a good idea to be part of a research exchange program to get to know how other people around the world conduct their research and to learn how people outside Taiwan think. I had Norway as my first choice when I joined the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations exchange program.

The world of Venous Thrombosis, blood sampling and microparticles has been new to me. I have enjoyed participating in the events of TREC and it has been a very nice experience for me to see TREC members present their plans, and to see how researchers in the same field share their knowledge with each other.

One month is a very short time in a new country and at a new workplace, but I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to be a part of the TREC group. I have experienced a different learning environment and a different culture and life by meeting new people here. I have enjoyed my stay in Norway. It is a very beautiful place, and a very special country.

Thanks to all of the people at TREC for taking care of me during my stay,  and of course thanks to professor John-Bjarne Hansen for including me in his Center. I really like good atmosphere you have created in your lab.

In Chinese, this is the concept of “緣”, pronounced “yuan”, which means the fate that brought us together.

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