Research meeting in Tromsø

The group of researchers participating in the workshop. Photo: Unknown volunteer

Last weekend (Dec. 1-2) the IPSUM research group hosted a workshop in Tromsø to develop an application to Horizon 2020 for a MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE INNOVATIVE TRAINING NETWORKS in medicine therapy optimisation in primary care. We had a busy weekend with collaborators from near and far. Hana Morrissey and Patrick Ball joined us from the University of Wolverhampton,  Michael Scott and Fiona Kerr from the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre in Belfast, Maria Gustafsson from Umeå University and Lina Hellström from Linnæus University, Sweden, Lotte Stig Nørgaard from the University of Copenhagen, Kirsten Viktil and Liv Mathiesen from UiO in Oslo. Finally, we were happy to have Professor David Zgarrick from Northeastern University in Boston, USA, participating in the workshop.

An application will be submitted in January and we had valuable time for networking and enjoying Fiona’s amazing voice when she sang and played the guitar for us during breaks. Now its fingers crossed, and no matter what the outcome we will continue to work with this important topic together.

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