The 27th Residential Summer Course in Epidemiology in Florence

The course covered different topics in epidemiology included but not limited to methods and principles of epidemiology such as measurement, confounding, rates, risk and sampling surveys.

The course also covered topics om methodological issues and critical appraisal of published studies, making a diagnosis, diagnostic test accuracy studies, prognostic studies and scores and modeling as well as case-control studies design, principles for selecting controls, bias of information and selection.

All activities included sessions of group work and as well as exercises on statistics (Stata package. version – 13) such as analyses of risks , odds. rates stratification. regres ion method (logistic. odds ratios, Poisson, Cox …). analysis of case control studies, matching tatistical analysis ofreal data. summarize and report main findings and evaluation.

On the third week module, the focus was on evaluating a treatment. randomiz (i clinical trial synthesizing evidence, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, instrumental variable anal si . and origins in economics and applications in medicine (all with practical examples .

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