About time to advance in Stata?

Silje L. Kaspersen, PhD candidate at NTNU, and her supervisor, Professor Johan Håkon Bjørngaard, were granted funding from EPINOR to participate at a course in advanced Stata at the University of Bristol, School of Social and Community Medicine. The course lasted for three days (18 hours), consisting of tutorials and practical sessions.

If you have been using Stata as your statistical software for a while (some months), and are familiar with contents in introduction courses to this program, we highly recommend attending this short course called “Advanced Stata” in Bristol. The course is focused on data management and programming skills rather than statistical content, and is very “hands on” in terms of giving you practical tools for a more efficient use of Stata.


The aim of this course is to provide a more advanced knowledge of Stata 13 statistical software package. By the end of day 3 participants should understand how to use Stata efficiently through using a greater range of commands, using looping structures for repetitive code, and automatically formatting and saving output for tables and graphs.

The course outline was as follows:

  • advanced functions and expressions using egen;
  • how to reshape and manipulate data sets;
  • creating sample data
  • using system variables and accessing saved results;
  • how to use macros, scalars and matrices;
  • using loops to do repetitive tasks;
  • posting data to a file;
  • organizing and documenting work;
  • how to write do files with arguments and simple programs.

For every tutorial session there were short (10 minutes) practical sessions for solving exercises in STATA. We were given answers to the exercises before we moved on with the next tutorial session, and written answers were handed out by the end of day 3. We found the course very well organized, with professional and relevant teachers who work with epidemiological studies and biostatistics when they don’t teach.
The course fee was £600 in 2014.

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We would like to thank EPINOR for funding our participation at this course.

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