Structural equation modelling courses in Oslo

It had been some years since I used the structural equation modelling (SEM) framework in Mplus to analyse my data set, so I decided to take some courses in Oslo and refresh my self.

Two courses are offered in University of Oslo (Education faculty), course codes: UV9211, and UV9215. The courses are free (no tuition fee). The courses are offered in English language in odd numbered years and in Norwegian in even numbered years. Therefore, the next English-version of these courses will be in March, 2016.

The courses were well structured, and the teacher had good competence over various possibilities within the SEM framework. The day comprised of lectures, and hands-on data analysis with MPlus software. Knowledge about the basic statistics, linear models, and regression models in general was necessary. No previous knowledge about SEM, or MPlus was required. SEM is such a large framework, that it is virtually impossible to cover everything in-depth within few days. However, the courses did provide key examples, and ideas for assessing different research questions. These are not specialised courses (focusing on any specific analysis/approach within SEM), instead they are a good summary of the SEM framework.

I am thankful to Epinor for providing 50% of the funding, and my research group for covering the remaining part of the funding needed to attend these courses. I highly recommend these courses to other PhD students interested in path analysis.

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