Research stay at University of Verona

Recently EPINOR offered me the amazing opportunity for a research stay at the University of Verona. The goal of this stay was to intensify an existing collaboration and transfer practical know-how to Bergen.

This stay, in the framework of my PhD project “Menopause and respiratory health: The role of sex hormones lifestyle factors and hormone therapy”, gave me very detailed insight into a working environment centered on statistics, the core of epidemiology.

During the stay I learned advanced statistical approaches and even started data analysis for a paper about respiratory health in relation to hormone therapy.

During this time I had the chance to collaborate with very experienced researchers, who not only granted me insight into their way of working and precious syntaxes, but also gave me very valuable tips on how to structure analysis and make coding much more efficient.

Apart from the exciting professional part I also got the best opportunity to see an amazing city with incredibly friendly people and stunning architecture.

Thank you, EPINOR, for making this possible.

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