Junior Supervisor Seminar 27th November Tromsø

In November EPINOR held a pilot junior supervisor seminar in collaboration  with BioCat (national research school in biocatalysis). The attandants at the seminar were senior Phd-students (with academic ambitions), post docs and assistant professors. In total we were 20 attandants from EPINOR, BioCat and the Dept of Chemistry (UiT).

The day started with a presentation held by the Scitific Leader at BioCat, Professor Arne Smalås, about the experiences the Dept. of Chemistry hade made after eight years of being a reserach school. Then Professor and Vice Dean Michalea Aschan from the Faculty og Biology, Fisheries and Economy, held a speach about her work with the PhD education at the Faculty.

We then divided the attendants into 5 groups and each group were given a supervisor tool from either: Karolinska Institutet, NTNU, Imperial College, UiT or Trinity College. The groups was asked to read and discuss what they had recieved. After one hour they presented what the group had talked about. 

After a plenum discussion, we had invited fours seinor supervisors who held a short presentation about their experience and their views on what the groups had presented.  


The seminar lasted one work-day and the responses were very good. Both BioCat and EPINOR would like to arrange similar supervisor seminars annually nationally or locally.

The attandants got a diploma for their participation.  

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