The Smart Charge Project has started

October 2019: The Interreg funded project has started. Smart Charge is a cooperation between the Computer Science and Computational Engineering Department of UiT and The Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi in Finland

Smart Charge seeks to develop a better symbiosis betwee e-mobility and smart houses.  Focus is on energy consumption, load management and renewables in Arctic rural areas where energy supply is scarce or even absent. The work is targeting sustainable tourism in the Arctic.  A new energy system with electric snow mobiles at the center is an essential part of this.  The energy department at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences is the leadig partner here. Snow mobiles are the work horse in many regions of the Arctic. Aurora Powertrains is part of the project and develops a whole new series of electric snow mobiles.  In addtion to these Saga Energy, Narvik Municipality, Vattenfall and the Snow Hotel are members of the project group.  The AI group at UiT Narvik is involved in the analysis of electricity needs for charging snow mobiles and to develop new ways of smart control.  Smart control involves exchanging energy between houses i.e. and the snow mobiles depending on the state and to level out power loads.  For this a multi-agent system is used.  Snow mobiles are modelled as self-interested agents that can either charge or discharge in different ways when not operating. Economic optimization depends on many factors. Different constraints apply that detemines daily and extraordinary operations dependig on the season. Reinforcement learning is used to determine the most optimal situation under varying conditions. 

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