Nordic Neuroscience meeting

Helsinki formed the stage on which this year's Nordic Neuroscience meeting took place. After Trondheim in 2015 and Stockholm in 2017, this was the third time the biennial conference was organized. We were there to present our latest research.

With only about 400 people, the Nordic Neuroscience conference is relatively small, resulting in a nice athmosphere during lectures and poster sessions.

Our group in action at NNS

At these poster sessions, our group was represented by no less than four posters. Indrek, Roy and Jan all presented posters about the influence of perinatal exposure on behavior of the offspring. For Jan, who received an A for his master's thesis the week before, presenting his poster was a nice introduction to scientific conferences. Patty presented a poster about the role of a specific circuit in the brain on the motivation for a food reward.

Another benefit of these smaller conferences is the possibility to network with other researchers in the Nordic region and forge new collaborations. This usually takes place at the fringes of the conference, for example during the commen dinner on Thursday, when even the president of the European Research Council and the president of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies joined us.

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