Neuron crochet blanket

A few months ago, Eelke was challenged to crochet a blanket with the image of a neuron. That challenge had to be accomplished, of course! Now, four months later, the blanket is really here!

The blanket received a lot of attention on Twitter, and several people asked for a pattern. As I am only an amateur, there is no professional pattern available, but here's a description of how the blanket came about.

First, I watched all instruction video’s of Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar on how to make a blanket using the mosaic crochet technique (I actually made this Queen Cal blanket first).

Then I used the free online software stitchfiddle and a random image of a neuron available on the internet to make my own pattern.

The end result is a blanket of 150x96cm including the double border. The pattern is based on yarn that gave ca 22 stitches per 10 cm of blanket.

The pattern: (download on the right)

On the pattern you see which color to use (color 1 (e.g. blue) as background and color 2 (e.g. grey) as neuron). As soon as a third color comes in (e.g. white), this is marked next to color 2.

X = double crochet
à or ~ = single crochet
No symbol = double crochet for color 1 and single crochet for color 2
Black = nothing, follow as if it was empty, it just shows how the final image will become

If someone gets inspired, I would love to hear about it!




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