Heart to Heart researcher workshop: online 2022 - welcome!

Setting target areas and priorities for new collaborative studies of population health in Norway and Russia

The aim of this Heart to Heart workshop is discuss research ideas for planning of the next step of the Heart to Heart collaboration - the 8th Tromsø Study and the 2nd Know Your Heart study.

We invite researchers to contribute with ideas and input to new unique, methodologically advanced, and practically useful cross-border population health comparisons, for planning of the upcoming surveys.

What is Heart to Heart?

The Heart to Heart research and teaching activities include scientific publications, master- and PhD projects, symposiums, conferences, and public outreach since 2015. Key findings to date are that differences in traditional risk factors explain some of the higher mortality from cardiovascular disease in Russia, and we have discovered markers of earlier ageing in Russian adults.

We concluded that a deeper understanding of health differences requires longitudinal data on lifestyle, social factors, health care, environmental pollutants, microbiology and molecular-genetic factors. We now plan new rounds of data collection. We will involve health authorities, policymakers, clinicians, and researchers to set the agenda for harmonized and parallel data collection in the second Know Your Heart study and the eighth Tromsø Study. With this aim, a series of meetings and workshops will be conducted in 2022 funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. 

The first workshop is held 10th of February 2022 (please see the save the date flyer and program).

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