Film series at VT

CRAFT & ENCODE present... is a film series at Verdensteatret Cinematek on autonomous technologies, artificial intelligence, and human-machine relations.

Since the spring term of 2023 the CRAFT-research group (BFE/UiT) and the ENCODE-network (HSL/UiT) have run a series of film screenings in cooperation with Verdensteatret Cinematek. The initiative is aimed at facilitaing the dissemination of research results from associated projects such as AGiC (NordForsk 2020-22), AFO-JIGG (RCN 2021-24) or Futures4Fish (RCN 2023-26), and at improving recruitment to relevant study programmes at BFE and HSL.

Each semester, scholars associated with CRAFT and/or ENCODE will select three movies that take up pressing issues such as automation and the development of autonomous technical systems, the implications of rapid advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the societal, political, cultural, and economic ramifications of digitization, and the changing relations between humans and machines. Each film will be introduced by a scholar associated with the groups. After the screenings there will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues taken up in the movies.
The film series is organized by CRAFT (BFE) and ENCODE (ISK/HSL) and supported by Verdensteatret Cinematek.