Research seminars and vivas 2015-21:


21 January 2015

Sander Goes

"Law Enforcement in Russia: 'A Complete Lack of Respect for the Law'?'"


18 February 2015

Turid Austin Wæhler

"Norsk-russisk handel i 1000 år - fra fruktbart handelssamarbeid til handelsblokade"


19 March 2015

Arve Hansen

"Sammensetningen på Majdan"


16 October 2015

Mark Bassin

"Whose Eurasia? Contending Visions of Russia´s Destiny in Space


30 October 2015

Hilary Pilkington

"’If you want to live, you better know how to fight’: Punk fighting and street life in Vorkuta and St Petersburg"


6 November 2015

Leonid Chekin

"Rasmus Rask in St Petersburg: Strange Encounters at the Dawn of Indo-European Linguistics"


9 November 2015

Leonid Chekin

"Who Discovered Svalbard and Grumant? On Phantom Realities in Medieval Texts and Cartography"


18 January 2016

Mark Gamsa

"Refractions of China in Russia and Russia in China: Ideas and Things"


29 February 2016

Andreas Schönle

"Ruin philosophy, poetic discourse and the collapse of meta-narratives"


9 March 2016

 Kåre Johan Mjør

 "Den russiske idéen"


8 April 2016

Ilya Kalinin

"Oil in late- and post-Soviet culture" (in Russian)


12 April 2016

Maria Lvova

"Articulating the Concept of Security Assemblage: The Territorial Dimension (with special reference to the Shtockman gas field and the Murmansk region"


2 May 2016

Daria Arkhipova (Akulaeva)

"Life in a Russian Orphanage" (in Russian)


4 November 2016

Petia Mankova

"Otdaljonka, or The remote Russian countryside: Heavy burden for regional budgets or a safe place in the whirlwind of reforms?"


7 November 2016

Natalia Sidlina

“The Cosmonauts Exhibition at the Science Museum in London (2015-16): Curator's Talk”


28 November 2016

Ola Goverud Andersson

"Hva er egentlig regionalisme?"


13 February 2017

Kenneth Wilson

"Questioning Putin's Popularity"


3 March 2017

Olesya Khromeychuk

"From the Maidan to the Donbas: Ukrainian Women in Protest and War"


27 March 2017

Arnold McMillin

"Russian Music in and around Chekhov: An Illustrated Talk"


4 May 2017

Josephine von Zitzewitz

"From Underground to Mainstream: The Case of Elena Shvarts"


22 August 2017

Stephen Lovell

"The Orality of the Russian Revolution"


1 September 2017

Vladimir Paperni

"Lev Tolstoi as an author" (in Russian)


27 September 2017

Jessy Kaner

"What Is the BBC Russian Service and What Is It For?"


17 October 2017

Ingunn Lunde

"Language on Display: Fiction, Writers and Linguistic Culture in Post-Soviet Russia: A Book Presentation"


17 November 2017

Mariëlle Wijermars

"Can Russia Control the Runet?"


12 December 2017

Jeremy Hicks

"Restaging and Editing Victory: Russian Film Memory of the Great Patriotic War and Holocaust"


9 March 2018

Stephen Amico

"The Female Voice in Russian Popular Music"


16 March 2018

Andrii Portnov

"Heroes Do Not Die? On Commemoration in Post-Maidan Ukraine"


4 May 2018

Brita L. Bryn

"Et russiskspråklig jernbanerom"


2 October 2018

Olga Krasa-Ryabets

"The Imaginary Soviet: Individual Memories and Collective Fictional Spaces"


4 October 2018

Maria Ilitcheva and Yulia Bardileva

"Mutual Images of the Other across the Russo-Norwegian Border"


26 October 2018

David-Emil Wickström

"My pravoslavnye - Russkii rok, Orthodoxy and Nationalism in Post-Soviet Russia"


7 November 2018

Anni Lappela

Arctic and Provincial: Noncapital Urban Spaces in Contemporary Russian Literature


16 November 2018

Miguel Linan

"The Frame of War: Cultural Memory and Political Action in Russia: The Kremlin versus the Memorial Society"


18 January 2019

Tony Anemone

"2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris: Visual Surfaces and Philosophical Depths"


25 January 2019

Vladislava Vladimirova

"Transforming Ideas of Nature Conservation in Murmansk Region, Russia"


14 February 2019

Robert Porter

“Russian Writers I Have Known - A Slavist's (Light-Hearted) Testimony”


20 March 2019

Roman Bäcker

Russia: One Day before a Revolution”?


5 April 2019 (To-i-ett/Two-in-One, I)

Sander Goes

"Doing business in Russia: Laws, norms, and profits"


Bjarge Schwenke Fors

"Politicized art and artistic politics on the Norwegian-Russian border"


15 May 2019 (To-i-ett/Two-in-One, II)

Natalija Majsova

"'You Either Believe a Film or You Don’t': Soviet Film Clubs and Their Afterlives in Contemporary Russia"


Lars Kristensen

"Is Postcommunism Dead? The Case of Russian Cinema"


16 May 2019

Åsne Øysteinsdotter Høgetveit

Viva of the doctoral dissertation "The Moral Vertical in Russian Cinema: Female Pilots, Flight Attendants, Cosmonauts and Aliens"


4 October 2019

Yegór Ósipov-Gipsh

"Conversations Not Finished: Memory Narratives of the 1990s in Contemporary Russia"


11 October 2019

Fabienne Rachmadiev

"Art and Activism in Central Asia"


1 November 2019

Jacek Szymala

"Between Visual History and Public History: Selected Screen Versions of the Bohdan Khmelnytsky Uprising"


22 November 2019

Ernst van Alphen

"Madness and Introspection" + "Legacies of Stalinism and the Gulag"


13 December 2019

Andray Abrahamian

"'They Aren't Coming': Russo-DPRK Relations from Independence to Trump"


16 January 2020

Birgit Beumers

"The Road to Nowhere? Space as Time in Recent Russian Cinema"


10 February 2020

Liudmila Nikanorova

"(Re)Claiming Religion in Post-Soviet Siberia. The Case of the Sakha Republic"


2 March 2020

Ilona Wiśniewska

"In Search of a Trustworthy Writer: A Polish Reportage from Svalbard"


17 March 2020

Arve Hansen

Online viva of the doctoral dissertation "Mass Protests from a Spatial Perspective: Discontent and Urban Public Space in Kyiv, Minsk, and Moscow"


4 May 2020

Anna Afanasyeva

"Historical Trauma: Exploring 'soul wounds' through Sami oral histories" (online seminar)


28 May 2020

Matthew Blackburn

"The Imagined Nation in Putin's Russia: Identity, Discources and Spaces" (online seminar)


4 September 2020

Kristiina Silvan, Ales Herasimenka, Per A. Rudling

Belarusian Post-Election Protests 2020: Context, Responses, Future Scenarios” (a webinar hosted by Arve Hansen)


22 September 2020

Bjarge Schwenke Fors

"Tourists, spies, vodka and Soviet cinema: The story about the opening of Boris Gleb in 1965"


27 October 2020 (To-i-ett/Two-in-One, III)

Arve Hansen

"East European Urban Protest: A Spatial Perspective"


Julie Wilhelmsen

"Spiraling towards a new Cold War in the North? The Effect of Mutual and Multifaceted Securitization"


3 November 2020

Knut Andreas Grimstad

"Olga Tokarczuk - Polens frie røst"


9 February 2021

Rune N. Andreassen

"En skattkiste i fare" (online seminar)


4 March 2021

Kirsten Johannessen

"Skipsforlis ved Bjørnøya"


8 April 2021

Libbie Katsev

"Music, Underground: Music in the Metro and competing standards of street music in Moscow" (online seminar)


7 June 2021

Marina Boboedova

"Fisheries Management and Resource Rent: The Case of the Russian Red King Crab fishery" (online seminar)


17 September 2021

Aliaksandr Ilyukevich

"Contemporary Belarusian Popular Music" 


20 October 2021

Tomáš Sniegon

"Špicberky - Za půlnočním sluncem" (Svalbard: To See the Midnight Sun, 2002): a film screening + Q&A


9 November 2021

Sophie Hou

"Russian gas companies facing the 'Arctic turn': A reshuffle of the cards for the Russian gas sector?"