Radionuclide targeted therapy and imaging in Glioblastoma

The plasticity of GB tumor cells and their ability to infiltrate adjoining brain tissue limits the effectiveness of current cancer therapies. Microglia plays an important role in GB progression. Inhibition of EGFR and CSF-1R decreases microglia-stimulated invasion of GB cells. Specific radiopharmaceuticals targeting EGFR or CSF-1R will be developed (WP3/Bergen) and applied as (i) diagnostic tool (11C, 18F) and (ii) radionuclide targeted therapy with radiometals (radiotherapeutics) combined with chemo- and external radiotherapy. To evaluate its EGFR or CSF-1R affinity and selectivity, radiopharmaceuticals will be tested by in vivo PET/SPECT/MR in healthy animals and orthotopic animals models of GB (UNN).

Project Staff


Marcel Lindemann

Researcher (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Department of Clinical Medicine

Yngve Guttormsen

Research Fellow (PhD Candidate)
Department of Clinical Medicine

Collaboration Partners

Andreas Tue Ingemann Jensen
Olaug Hjelstuen
Sindre Hassfjell
Jason Cai

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Nutech, Denmark
Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway
Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway
Yale University, USA






Principal Investigators

Mathias Kranz, PhD

University Hospital of North Norway (UNN)

Rune Sundset
Assoc. Prof., MD, PhD