The deadline for nominations for the Mohn Prize is 31 July

Every other year, the international Mohn Prize is awarded. The deadline to nominate for the 2022 award is July 31 2021.

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Rector Anne Husebekk presents the Mohn Prize to Eddy Carmack and the research group The Meaning Of Ice, represented by Shari Fox Gearheard, Lena Kielsen Holm and Toku Oshima, during Arctic Frontiers in 2018. Foto: Terje Mortensen/Arctic Frontiers
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Arctic About UiT

The international Mohn Prize for outstanding research related to the Arctic has been established in collaboration between Academia Borealis, Northern Norway's Academy of Sciences, the Tromsø Research Foundation, and UiT the Arctic University of Norway. The prize, which is NOK 2 million, is awarded every other year.

The purpose of the Mohn Prize is to recognize outstanding research related to the Arctic. The award will also help highlight issues that are central to the further development of the Arctic on the national and international agenda.

The prize borrows its name from Henrik Mohn, who in addition to being considered the founder of Norwegian meteorology, provided a number of polar expeditions (among them Nansen's Fram expedition) with meteorological equipment. Henrik Mohn was also the first director of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and he was the great-uncle of Trond Mohn's father. In addition to rewarding outstanding Arctic research, the award marks the significant contribution Trond Mohn has made to research and research-promoting measures at UiT.

The deadline for nominations is 31 July 2021. Here you will find more information about the nomination process and requirements.

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Aarskog, Karine Nigar Seniorrådgiver og faggruppeleder, formidling
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