Granberg, Ove

Project management
Section for Planning and Governance

Larsen, Frode G.

Faculty director
Faculty management at Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Svendsen, Hege

Management and Staff FUF

Undseth, Kjetil

Student Recruitment, Marketing and Graphical Services Section

Das Neves, Carlos G

Associate Professor II
Research, Education and Communication Section, Faculty of Health Sciences
Works with:
Strategy / International cooperation / Management support / Project management / Regulations / Teaching / Academic supervision Research interests:

I have since my PhD  continued to work in virology of arctic mammals, mostly reindeer and seals. My work ranges from epidemiological studies of viral infections in the Arctic to molecular aspects of viral pathogenesis of herpesvirus and discovery of new viruses in reindeer and other arctic animals. 

I am very interested in the study of virulence mechanisms specially those regulating the host-pathogen interaction and the pathogen evasion from the host immune system. This is special relevant for agents of veterinary and zoonotic relevance such as vector born viruses. When ad...

Engkvist, Yngve

Lærerut. og pedagogikk campus Alta

Johansson Söderberg, Jenny

Research Scientist, Biomolecular and structural chemistry
Department of Chemistry

Lind, Eirik Gjessing

Research Administration and Quality Education Section