Low Carbon Concrete for Arctic Climate with Excellent Sustainability and Durability

Ar2CorD Project Presentation on Concrete Professionals Day Conference

At the Concrete Professionals Day conference, held at the arctic University of Norway (UiT) narvik campus, Iveta Novakova, the project leader of Ar2CorD and Rekik Derso, a Ph.D. candidate in the project delivered a brief presentation introducing the Ar2CorD project to attendees. 

The Norwegian Concrete Association, the Norwegian Association for Concrete Rehabilitation and the Betongklyngen CIC were organized the Concrete Professional Day in Narvik during the Winter Festival Week 2024 at UiT Narvik.

The conference was opened by a welcoming speech by the chairman Cecilie Hagby. Many presentations were given from different companies and projects involving in concrete industry. The presentations were presented  in five catagories. The catagories were marine structures in concete in aquaculture, concrete in circular economy, concrete rehabilitation, industrial construction/prefabrication - innoviation and competence, and concrete in cold climate.

Under the inoviation and competence catagory, ''Ar2corD project- frost resistance in concrete'' was presented. Concrete with the new binders which replace cement struggles to meet the requirement for frost resistance. This poses a major challenge for the industry. UiT has received funding for a three-year project that will develop  a new test regime for thawing/ freezing tests.

Iveta Novakova outlined an overview of the project objectives which focuses on optimizing and evaluating the durability of low carbon concrete (LCC) with a strong emphasis on environmental analysis. The durability assessment of LCC will be adressed by accelerated freeze-thaw durability tests and establishing a long-term durability monitoring station at Narvik harbour. funding for the project is provided by Interreg NPA, with a primary emphasis on enhancing climate change adaption and resourec efieciency in NPA communities.  
Rekik Derso described the plan for the successful establishment, construction, and operation of a long-term durability monitoring station at Narvik harbor. The presentation highlighted the criteria behind selecting Narvik harbor and discussed the careful selection, setup, and design of sensors, instruments, and data collection devices. Additionally, plans were laid out to address any operational challenges prior to full-scale implementation.

Here are some photos from the Concrete Professional Day conference representing Ar2corD project. Participants Boy-Arne Buyle, Bård Arntsen, Rekik Derso and Iveta Novakova.

In conclusion, the Concrete Professionals Day conference offered a vibrant atmosphere where industry experts gathered to exchange professional updates, share insights, and explore the latest advancements. The event provided a valuable platform for networking, connections between students, politicians, and colleagues from various sectors of the concrete industry.