Improving gender balance in computer science for more brain power, more creativity and broader perspective.

Few women pursue a career in the field of informatics and computer science, even fewer proceed to academia. In fact, women are strongly underrepresented at all levels in the IT sector, from student to leadership roles. At the Department of Computer Science, we want to change this. We hope that our project 'Better balance in informatics' can contribute to increase the recruitment of women to the field of informatics locally, nationally and internationally. The project will help us gain knowledge and provides an opportunity to identify and try out different measures towards a more balanced    computer science community.

‘Better Balance in Informatics' is part of the BALANSE-program of the Research Council of Norway. BALANSE focuses on promoting gender balance in the Norwegian science community through structural and cultural change. In our local project, we have three specific objectives: 

  • To participate in the exchange of ideas and practices in the BalanseHub network. 
  • To explore the motivation of female students and their interest in academic careers. 
  • To establish a network arena for women in informatics and encourage them to seek employment in academic positions.