Eco-Efficient Arctic Technologies Cooperation

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Online DeConcrete Closing Seminar (25th November 2022, 12:05, UTC+1)A seminar about legislation and possibilities of how to utilize concrete construction and demolition waste as secondary raw materials for construction in Arctic. Seminar is organized on 25th of November 2022 as a part of the final partner meeting of the DeConcrete project (, financed by the Kolarctic CBC KO 4068 (
Seminar agenda: here
Registration link: here

Oulu representative visited Rudus Betoni, Helsinki

Workshop in Bodo and industrial visits

Participation at XXIV. Nordic Concrete Research Symposium 2022

Participation at Gordon Research Conference "Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure Development - Cement Based Materials: Reaching Net Zero"

5 April 2022 NArFU started a unique advanced training programme in concrete recycling

NArFU to start a unique advanced training programme in concrete recycling
The need for economically sound and environmentally effective solutions for construction waste management is more than ever evident. One common waste is demolished concrete.

DeConcrete project broadened researchers' knowledge
As the project is close to finishing, it is necessary to look for new possibilities and establish new cooperation. Iveta (The Arctic University of Norway) and Priya (Oulu University) visited the Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal).

DeConcrete project was presented during Kolarctic Day at NArFU
7 December 2021 Prof. Arkady Ayzenshtadt, Head of the Department of Composite Materials and Environmental Engineering, DeConcrete Scientific Leader and Nadezhda Baykina, Senior Expert for EU projects and DeConcrete project Manager made presentations about DeConcrete partners, tasks and outputs.

DeConcrete received warm welcome from the University of Oulu
On November 18-19, the Russia-Norway-Finland team of DeConcrete: Eco-Efficient Arctic Technologies Cooperation project met in Oulu.

DeConcrete received warm welcome from the University of Oulu

Online DeConcrete Seminar about reusing construction and demolition (C&D) waste fines as secondary raw materials
Join us in an online DeConcrete Seminar about reusing construction and demolition (C&D) waste fines as secondary raw materials on the 18th of November 2021 from 13.00 to 15.30!

Round Table “Cross-Border Cooperation — In Action for Border Regions”
25 October 2021 Terje Nordvåg (Managing Director NORUT Narvik) presented DeConcrete project at the Round Table “Cross-Border Cooperation — In Action for Border Regions” in the framework of Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum “Reality 2020 and Agenda for the next decade”.

NEWS FROM THE REGIONS: the day-by-day activities and achievements of the people cooperating across the European external borders.

18 October 2021 DeConcrete Project was presented at “High level Meeting on common efforts across borders for strengthened education and research”
Session II “Learning from best practices in university cooperation 1993-2021 and looking ahead”.

Summer in DeConcrete format: conferences, training programmes and new publications
Despite the vacation period, the experts of the international project DeConcrete: Eco-Efficient Arctic Technologies Cooperation continued with their agenda.

DeConcrete project was presented at Young Concrete Researchers, Engineers and Technologist Symposium (YCRETS)
13 July 2021 Dr. Priyadharshini Perumal (University of Oulu) presented research and experimental results implemented under DeConcrete project: sustainable treatment methods for RCA.

DeConcrete experts finalized project activity for the period of 9 months and made plans for the summer.
In compliance with the key strategic objective of the DeConcrete project, the works were carried out in close cooperation between all project partners (Russia, Norway, Finland). The experimental results obtained during the project are reflected in five research papers, reports, presentations, and recommendations. The experts took part in more than 10 seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and meetings organized to present the project objectives.

Sustainable Concrete Recycling: DeConcrete and Circulus Projects
4 June 2021 DeConcrete project experts participated in the research seminar for discussion of sustainable concrete recycling together with the experts of Circulus project.

DeConcrete Project Becomes Known in Tomsk

NARFU and TSUAB will cooperate

4-7 April 2021 NARFU DeConcrete experts - Nadezhda Baykina, Tatiana Drozdyuk and Viktor Danilov visited Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
It was very hearty and productive visit that will assure future cooperation and project sustainability.

Tomsk is waiting
4-7 April 2021 NARFU experts will visit Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building - associated partner under DeConcrete project. It is a long way as TSUAB is situated in Siberia and flight from Moscow lasts 4 hours. Moreover time differences from Tomsk to Arkhangelsk is 4 hours. But Nadezhda Baykina, Tatiana Drozdyuk and Viktor Danilov are eager for better collaboration on the basis of personal contacts.

Thank you all for contribution
“31 March 2021 manuscript entitled "A comprehensive summary of available legislation and practices in demolition and CDW management in the arctic region" has been successfully submitted and is presently being given full consideration for publication in the Nordic Concrete Research. We have 94 abstracts after the review process. The number and not at the least the quality of the contributions promises well for the Symposium and will maximize the professional and networking outcome of this event”.

Centre of Excellence «Russian Arctic: new materials, technologies and research methods»
04 March 2021 DeConcrete project was presented in Scientific and Educational Center «Russian Arctic: new materials, technologies and research methods». This center situated in Arkhangelsk was established under Presidential Executive Order No. 204 dated May 7, 2018 “On National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation through to 2024”. It is one of 15 world-class scientific and educational centers (SEC) in RF.

Meetings under WP3 and WP4 took place 1 February and 16 March 2021
Results ready for the SCM application study with Norway and Finland fines.

15 March 2021 Sintef Narvik organized the meeting under WP2 Demolition for discussing the data in regards to dust and noise emissions
Much information relates to good practices on how to reduce dust and noise on demolition site.

DeConcrete project allows to perform unique scientific tasks
Just before the New Year holiday week, experts of the Laboratory Systems and Technologies Company installed and commissioned the world’s finest Simultaneous DSC/TGA – Discovery SDT 650. This equipment was purchased by the Higher School of Engineering under the international DeConcrete project funded by the Kolarctic Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

The project plan includes not only theoretical research (analysis of scientific data and preparation of analytical reports)
The project plan includes not only theoretical research (analysis of scientific data and preparation of analytical reports), but also a large practical and experimental component. In particular, experts selected concrete samples at demolition sites in Norway and Russia for their subsequent study in laboratories.

DeConcrete experts from NArFU participated in the international conference BuildInTech BIT 2020
International Scientific Conference «BuildInTech BIT 2020. Innovations and Technologies in Construction” held in Belgorod State Technological University, Russia, on October 8-9, 2020.

25 September 2020 Partners from the Oulu University and UiT presented Deconcrete project at the INNOVATION ACROSS BORDERS event in Oulu.
During the visit UIT experts have visited laboratories of Oulu University and had a fruitful discussion about the project and collaboration.

On 15 September 2020 DeConcrete status meeting was held at NArFU Kolarctic office
As the LP NArFU DeConcrete team monitored the project progress to emphasize on identification of challenges, not on solution. Next PSC meeting will provide all project partners with the overall status of the project and let to tell of the status of their activities.

DeConcrete Project led by NArFU will be presented at the Exhibition of Interreg and ENI CBC projects in Oulu
DeConcrete Project has been selected to be part of the Exhibition showcasing Interreg and ENI CBC projects and their impacts, contributions and support to the development of business in the region.

Kolarctic CBC–Program Partners Get-Together
On 28-29 November, 2019 representatives of all Kolarctic-supported projects met in Lulea, Sweden, in the framework of a new period of the Kolarctic CBC Program. The event was organized by the Kolarctic Managing Authority and its Branch Offices.

Kick-off meeting & PSC
On November 6, 2019 representatives of the University of Tromsø - the Arctic University of Norway, the Northern Research Institute (Narvik), the University of Oulu, Kolarctic CBC Managing Authority, Branch Office and the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of the Arkhangelsk Region took part in the first kick-off meeting of the “DeConcrete” project.