The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years is a documented program series to prevent and help children with behavioral and social difficulties and their families. IY offers training in developmental support, preventive and treatment measures for children, their families, schools, After School Activity and kindergartens.

The Incredible Years program series consists of various programs for parents, children and staff in kindergartens, After School Activity (Skolefritidsordning/ Aktivitetsskolen),  and schools. The overall aim of the program series is to promote good and developmentally supportive relationships between children and adults both at home and at school, After School Activity and kindergarten. This to promote positive interaction between children, as well as to prevent and treat behavioral and social difficulties in children.

The Incredible Years (IY) = De Utrolige Årene (DUÅ) in Norwegian.

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The target group is children aged 0-12 years. The programs are based on Norwegian and international research and can demonstrate strict documentation requirements for utility for the children and their families. The program series has been developed by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA and currently managed by ©The Incredible Years® (IY), USA.

Incredible Years in Norway is funded by the Norwegian Directorate of Health through the four regional knowledge centers RKBU North (UiT), RKBU Mid-Norway (NTNU), RKBU West (NORCE), and Regional center for children and young people's mental health RBUP East and South (Pilar).

Incredible Years Norway is therefore one program provider, with a coordinating administration and management, which is responsible for training, guidance and implementation of Incredible Years at national level. IY's management team prepares annual activity and long-term plans and manages this on behalf of the RKBUs' and RBUP's center management.

Incredible Years' management team consists of Oddbjørn Løndal (RKBU North), Bjørn Brunborg (RKBU West), Siri Gammelsæter (RKBU Midt-Norge) and Inger Hodne (RBUP East and South). RKBU North, UiT has overall responsibility for coordinating the program series' activities and has a staff function with a national mandate.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends Incredible Years as a preventive measure to promote good interaction with children, as a treatment measure for children and young people with behavioral problems and as a supportive measure in the treatment of ADHD.

On Incredible Years Norwegian website, you can read more about the implementation, training and guidance of Incredible Years in Norway.

Ongoing research and evaluations

Parenting Intervention for Refugees and Ethnic Minorities (PIRM)  
RKBU North, RKBU Mid-Norway, RKBU west og RBUP East and South.