Outcomes and experiences of foster care

The primary aim of this research project is to produce and convey knowledge about foster care, with a particular focus on kinship foster care. Central topics are: parental contact, social integration, family life, and what it means to practice family and personal life between the public and private sphere. Other topics are stability and continuity, and mental health.

The research project has a longitudinal design where both qualitative and quantitative data has been collected three times from the same families. The first data collection (T1) was in 1999/2000, and the original sample consisted of children age 4-12 (born from 1986-1995). The children had lived minimum one year in care. The second data collection (T2) was conducted in 2007/2008, among the children who had turned xx-21. The third data collection in the project was in 2014/2015, when the children had turned 19-29 years old. The research project has resulted in three doctoral dissertations in sociology – in 2002, 2012 and 2018. The project is one of two where outcomes and experiences of kinship care is explored over time.

Outcomes and experiences of foster care flyer