Family's House


The Family house is a collaborative model designed to facilitate easily accessible and comprehensive services for children, youth, and their families. RKBU North works to promote and further develop the Family house model and other family center models.

Illustrasjon av modellen Familiens hus. Foto: Lundblad Media
Services often included in the family house:
  • Health centres, including prenatal care,

  • Preventive services of the Child Welfare Services

  • Educational psychological counselling services

  • Open kindergarten

Professionals from various services work in interdisciplinary and flexible teams that facilitate comprehensive follow-up based on users' needs. The model is structured in three levels, as illustrated here. The Family house has a strong focus on public health and local community engagement, with the primary aim of promoting well-being and healthy development, as well as preventing developmental and health-related issues in children, youth, and their parents. Norwegian municipalities have developed and established several different municipal family house models. There is currently limited knowledge about the unique features of these various models. There is a need to describe and evaluate multiple models.

Network and training

RKBU/RBUP in the different regions will assist municipalities in establishing low-threshold services like Family Houses and other equivalents. We will contribute to professional development and reinforce collaboration in the municipal services for children and young people.

  • Regional Professional days. Each year, regional meetings are held for municipalities interested in collaborative models like the Family House in the Western, Southern/Eastern, and Northern regions.

  • Regional Leadership Networks. Annual meetings are held in regional leadership networks in the West, South/East, and North regions.