GeoIntern is a project that brings together the application and relevance of geosciences to higher education. The introduction of internships within this discipline enhances our understanding of a geoscientists role in creating sustainable solutions to future challenges.

The project GeoIntern is a project established within the Geoscience education at UiT (The Arctic University of Norway), UiB (University in Bergen), UiO (University in Oslo), that focuses on establishing a close relation between students and private businesses and public sector. The goal is to establish an interaction and inform potential future employers about the ongoing professional development in academia, while creating a dialog about what is needed for the future geoscientists.

The course GeoIntern is established and enrolled at all three collaborating universitys, and gives the students close contact with potential future employers, mainly though internships with giving the students the possibility to experience problem solving in a real business situation. This will give the student knowledge what a real geo-relevant job is, increase the chance for relevant work, establish a network in the business and make the transition from studies to work life easier. The students will also be trained in several transferable skills, detailed insight in the labor market for geoscientist and knowledge to importance of relevance in higher scientific education- with an important purpose to educate relevant knowledge for the future.