Intermittent fluctuations in physical systems

Sudden, large-amplitude fluctuations appear in many physical systems such as the atmosphere, space- and fusion plasmas. Standard methods for investigating such systems often ignore large fluctuations or concentrate on conditions where they do not appear. As a result, using such methods may lead to fatal underestimation of the likelihood of extreme events.

A promising way to model such fluctuations is to use a model consisting of randomly appearing pulses, directly taking the large fluctuations into account. Our primary objective is to develop this model as a general model for intermittent fluctuations in physical systems, with a focus on 4 research areas: (1) Near-wall turbulence in magnetic confinement fusion devices. (2) Cosmic dust particle distributions. (3) Global temperature resopnse to volcanic forcing. (4) Atmospheric aerosols near the ground.

Research is conducted in the CoSMo and Space Physics research groups, and in collaboration with the DYNAMO Aurora Center.

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