Municipal care services for users with long-term complex needs

Municipal care services for users with long-term complex needs.
Professionals' experiences - an institutional ethnographic approach.

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This is a qualitative, exploratory study where we will investigate how service providers in municipal health and care services experience their practice and the institutional contexts for providing coordinated and person-centred services for service recipients with long-term and complex service needs. The study aims to enhance the understanding of which factors influence the performance and priorities in healthcare professionals’ care practices, regarding the provision of coherent and person-centred care.

Data is primarily obtained through focus group interviews with a strategic selection of health personnel in municipal health and care services. The study will provide insight into the relationship between management, framework conditions and practical service provision.

The project is linked to the Center for Care Research, North and is led by Professor Cathrine Arntzen. Postdoctoral researcher Audhild Høyem is responsible for the implementation of the project. This is a sub-study in a national research project focusing on how institutional, social, and economic dynamics shape interaction and coordination in health, care and welfare services which is financed by the Research Council of Norway in the period 2020-2025.

If you have queries regarding the project, please contact Cathrine Arntzen.