IncPad Research group

The research group Inclusive Pedagogies and Diversity (IncPad) is a group for research within special needs education and social inclusion. 

The group will focus on both how we learn and teach in an inclusive manner in an increasingly diverse world. Children with a much wider range of additional support needs are now being placed within the regular school system with new and challenging complications now presenting themselves related to teaching and learning, social and emotional issues, and screening and assessing. Key themes of interest within the group are participation and communication, social and emotional difficulties, and the educational context.

A central theme to today’s inclusion construct is the dilemma of providing both equitable and equal education to all children. A relational understanding of learning, participation, communication, and inclusion are key themes in the group’s activities.

The group aims to improve the quality and content of research, development, and education related to meeting the ever changing and developing field of inclusive education. 

Incpad is intended to complement existing groups within UiT/ILP and provide a platform for broader themes related to inclusion and diversity within an educational