Fromm Lab participates in pop up research station" /> Fromm Lab participates in pop up research station" />

Forskningsdagene 2022

Fromm Lab participates in pop up research station



PhD Students at the species identification station
As part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean science , Forskningsdagene (Research days) 2022 was held last Sunday (25 Sept 2022) by members of Faculty of Life Sciences, Fisheries and Economics at Telegrafbukta, Tromsø. Led by associate professor Andreas Altenburger, PhD students Joel Vikberg Wernström, Sanne Bergman and our own Vanessa Paynter along with Masters student Nathalie Calvet and scientist Melissa Michelle Brandner set up microscopes and underwater robots to visualize ocean life in an effort to shed light on marine organisms and improving conditions to reverse decline in ocean health. Activities included visual identification of marine plants and animals while participants were encouraged to explore the intertidal zone by foot and collect specimens that were identified under the microscope. 




Participants observing the live feed while piloting the underwater robot





The main attraction was where visitors could pilot the Blueye underwater drones that provided stunning views through the monitor to experience the exciting world below the surface. With over 100 participants and supported by great weather the event turned out to be quite a success in sparking curiosity in our audience especially young adults towards marine life.